I on Image and Inna-Store proudly present

Here at I on Image I have been picking up working again after summer holidays. In my last blog post I was writing about my die-hard love for autumn fashion and promised a lot of great things that my readers can benefit of.

“There will be new looks for you to shop or pin, great advice to boost your image and a top secret discount code (spoiler alert: it will make you the most stylish person in the office).”

Inna Store custom made dress, bespoke dress, made to measure dress

Inna-dresses from left to right: Emmy in black, Dora in blue and Anna in purple

I got a lot of positive feedback about the lilac dress that I wore at SPARK 2016 and I can only agree that is was fabulous! It was an Inna-Store “Dora” dress for pear shape and I could not be happier to have the wonderful opportunity to restart my public speaking engines in a dress that exuded confidence. Continue reading

I on Image is in love with Inna-Store dresses

On one of those rainy January days I drove to Rotterdam to see Inna Tetiyevska of Inna-Store to learn more about her beautiful feminine dresses. My day was immediately brightened up by listening to the Ukrainian designer’s vision on the modern working woman’s business wear.

Inna has been drawing and sketching her whole life but she ended up studying linguistics. She moved to the Netherlands with her husband and had a child. Lucky for us dress-loving ladies, her true calling was too strong to resist and so she went and launched her first collection carrying her own name in spring 2014.

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