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The more you engage with customers the clearer things become and the easier it is to determine what you should be doing.

-John Russell

I on Image’s testimonials

Following this brilliant advice, I sent out questionnaires to my recent clients to learn how they perceived my service, what they loved and what they wanted more. The feedback was really positive and made me feel proud to be able to serve such a wonderful clientele.

One of the people who answered was marketing consultant Dimitra who left me with these encouraging words. Thank you very much Dimitra! I am so happy you had a great experience with me!

Dimitra’s testimonial

“I enjoyed the process overall, from booking to the actual appointment and the after-sales service. You are very open, friendly and easy to relate to, and also very professional and well-prepared. I liked getting the printouts of the articles for the branding. I got a lot of information that de-mystified the whole “styling” issue for me. I always thought it was some kind of DNA/advanced skillset that I was simply born without. But now I feel much more confident to try out things I like and follow simple rules with regards to colours and shapes.”

I on Image, image consultant, personal shopper, personal stylist, wardrobe stylist amsterdam

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I am working on a testimonials section where I will gather all the fantastic things people have said about my service. Do you want to give me feedback and profit of one extra month of free online consultation added on top of your current package? Please write me an email to with subject “feedback” and I will send you the questionnaire.

Read more testimonials from my clients here.

Thank you in advance for your valuable feedback!

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A word from a happy customer

Jane is an Amsterdam based writer and I had the pleasure to work with her in August. Our goal was to shop for a perfect holiday capsule wardrobe that needed to be very comfortable to wear and work hard for her even after holidays.

We did a three hour session and found fabulous things for her to wear. I gave suggestions on how each item could be combined with other things and how they could be easily updated to the next season. I was delighted to hear how much she had enjoyed her stylish holiday!

For me customer satisfaction is the very center of my thinking and I continuously develop my business to answer my customers’ demanding needs in the best possible way. That is why I sometimes ask those big questions:

How did I do? Was I able to meet your expectations? What else I can do for you?

I love reading feedback and suggestions from my amazing customers but when the response is this good, I will publish it proudly on my website! Thank you very very much Jane! Your kind words make me feel humble!

I on Image, image consultant, personal shopper, personal stylist, wardrobe stylist amsterdam

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Jane’s Testimonial

“I was lucky enough to have a personal shopping experience with Jenni right before my summer holiday. Whilst shopping can be hard work at any time of the year, the summer wardrobe is always one of the hardest, partly because I want clothes that I am really only likely to to wear very much whilst I am actually away – strangely I do not seem to need summery clothes that often in Amsterdam!

One of the wonderful things about Jenni is how she makes it look easy! After taking the time to talk to me in detail about what I like and what I needed she was able to walk through the shop with the sharpest eye for detail, spotting things that I would probably never have even noticed. Even in a large department store like de Bijenkorf she seemed to miss nothing and was not overwhelmed or distracted by the enormous array of fashion that it holds.

She also accompanies you to the changing room so that you have someone reliable to show things to when you have them on. I found this invaluable because we had quite a large selection of things and she would mix and match items for me showing me things that would work together and what wouldn’t.

I ended up with a small capsule wardrobe of summery items, all of which I have loved and wore a lot during my holiday. But best of all, the are the sort of things that I also wear here so they don’t end up being consigned to the cupboard until my next summer holiday.

Of all the things I loved about Jenni and her approach, one of my favourite things is that, in addition to her enormous knowledge about fashion, she is also not snobby about labels. She was just as happy to take me to Esprit or even Topshop as she was to look at high end designers.

For Jenni, what mattered was the style and what I wanted to achieve, not about making herself look good and leaving me with a bunch of clothes that I would look awesome in but probably only wear once.

Aside from making her excellent at what she does, it also makes her very relaxing to go shopping with. She made me feel confident and comfortable, which is not something I normally experience when I am shopping for clothes.

I have had personal shoppers before, but generally I have ended up with only one or two things that I got much wear out of and a lot of things that I quickly regretted and never wore.

I can honestly say that this was easily one of the best shopping experiences I have had in more than 15 years. Her whole service is great value for money I think, especially when you consider all the longer term implications of what she does for you, a feeling of confidence in what you are wearing, an understanding of how to put looks together, and the fact that she takes the time to figure out just who you are and what you want before you go near the shops.

I will definitely be booking Jenni’s services again!”


Women's Mast Mar Dress All Saints

One of Jane’s favorites: Mast Mar dress in Anthracite via


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Wishing all my readers a stylish new season!

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