GUEST POST: The art of listening

This guest post from our newest guest blogger Niina Nuottamo helps us improve our communication skills by giving us valuable tips on how to become a better listener.

There is a human in front of you, looking for connection. The least you could do is put your device away, look them in the eye and give them your undivided attention. Maybe you already do this in your personal life (think of your friends, family and children).

But it’s also very relevant and powerful in the business context, whether it’s a colleague who needs coaching or a potential client interested in your services.


Here are my 10 golden tips for more mindful listening:

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GUEST POST: Why should I use oil on my skin?

I on Image is delighted to welcome back our lovely guest beauty blogger Vivienne McAlister-Geertz, owner and Chief Skin Lover at Simply Skin who tells us about the benefits of using oil on your skin.

I get asked all the time by customers why they should use oil on their skin. Many customers are afraid that oil may cause blocked pores which could lead to pimples and acne while others believe oils should be avoided, like some fats in our diet, as they are bad for us. I want to highlight the importance of using oils on your skin by listing a few of their benefits.

Vivienne McAlister-Geertz of Simply Skin


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3 Benefits of using oil on your skin

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GUEST POST: Healthy Winter Skin

I on Image welcomes our first ever guest beauty blogger Vivienne McAlister-Geertz, owner and Chief Skin Lover at Simply Skin

When winter arrives we all want to keep the chill outside and the warmth inside. But that means we crank up our heat and this inevitably leads to dry skin. Whether you heat your home with oil, gas or electricity, the effect is the same. So how do you reduce the effects of winter and central heating on your skin? Read our guide below so you can enjoy healthy, happy skin throughout the cold winter days.

Vivienne McAlister-Geertz of Simply Skin


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How does the cold winter weather affect your skin?

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