In praise of being over-dressed

  Dressing up for going out The festive season being just around the corner I would like to draw your attention to your festive attire. By festive attire I mean wearing something gorgeous, yet appropriate for the occasion. Necklines too deep and hemlines too short may not fall in the category of appropriate so approach … Continue reading In praise of being over-dressed

How to Dress Things Down?

Is your wardrobe full of formal work wear from the time when business style was far more dressier than it nowadays is? Predominant IT and start-up culture have molded the way we dress to work a lot in the recent years and suddenly a suit with a pair of heels can feel somewhat stuffy. But … Continue reading How to Dress Things Down?

How to Dress Things Up?

Is your trusted daily uniform of a plain shirt and basic denim making you yawn of boredom when catching a glimpse of yourself in a mirror? Do you feel that it doesn't look interesting enough so people would remember you for right reasons? Or could a more lively outfit express your dynamic personal brand better? … Continue reading How to Dress Things Up?

Extend the Life of Your Summer Dress

So you bought yourself a gorgeous summer dress, wore it all summer and now you are experiencing difficulties parting with it. No worries. I on Image wants you to keep on wearing it until the first snowfall or torrential autumn storm and here's a complete guide on how. Welcome the new season by styling your … Continue reading Extend the Life of Your Summer Dress

My Summer Essentials 2018

  Summer essentials are the items that make your summer. Think sunglasses, maxi dress, that turquoise necklace that takes you right back to Amalfi coast... Without them my summer just wouldn't feel the same. My essential list tends to change a bit every year but in principle these are the items that I always pack … Continue reading My Summer Essentials 2018