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“I had a personal branding consulting session with Jenni and I would warmly recommend her services to anyone. She has great insight about personal branding and she gave plenty of valuable information, tips and links about the subject. Jenni is always my go-to person about personal branding and image. Highly recommended!”

– Anna, Product, brand & concept developer, Finland

Image consultant and personal stylist in Amsterdam

– Alexis, Sales Executive, The Netherlands

“I had a wardrobe consulting session with Jenni and would recommend her services to anyone. She helped me make combinations I would never have thought of, gave me brilliant ideas on how to style outfits using accessories (a huge weakness of mine) and just generally made me look so much more put together and professional, using items I already owned. I can only imagine what she could do in a personal shopping session. It was a real pleasure!”

– Charlotte, HR Manager, The Netherlands


“Now, 5 months after my consultation I can answer the question what your visit and our meeting has done for me. I think our meeting was the start of me realizing I can do more then I imagined. I started to take myself more seriously. Which was certainly noticed in the office. It was the beginning of a process which is now resulting in other developments as well; I`m starting to run as from next week, every Tuesday in a small group and I want to start a course in Neuro-linguistic programming, which will teach me how to communicate with people, how to build harmonious relationships while respecting everybody’s essence. This will help me in becoming more professional and the wardrobe will certainly support that goal! Furthermore; today I received the most beautiful compliment ever from a new colleague, he said I was the best dressed person in the whole office!!! Thanks, and I will definitely see you again.”

– Kirsten, Process Manager, The Netherlands


“I can highly recommend Jenni, she is fabulous. I have had only one session of Personal Shopping with her and she has given me so much support. I was insecure and always dressed in black and gray to make sure I don’t do anything wrong. She showed me which colors are good for me, how to play around with scarves and dresses, and brought so much joy into my life. Every morning I open my closet and there are only good friends in there. I enjoy this even when I do the laundry! Everything matches and getting dressed is fun now. It pushed my self-confidence so that I am not worrying about my clothes anymore when I go to a new client, and it actually helped me to be confident enough to start my new business. Many, many thanks, and if someone is looking for a boost for their closet, their confidence, and their joy, book a session with Jenni!”

– Susanne, Professional Organizer, The Netherlands


“Jenni helped me with not only with updating my appearance but also with my communication style and digital presence for my company. Being a nutritionist style was not the first thing on my mind however she created me fresh and clean style that I can use in both meeting clients and out of office hours. She’s very approachable and a great listener. I fully recommend her.”

– Sanna, Nutritional Therapist, The Netherlands


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“I really enjoyed my sessions with you. I have never had an image consultant before and I was glad to do it with my friend. What I didn’t expect was that it would feel as if I were doing this with two friends. You were able to make it feel like it was girlfriends shopping and that made it feel very comfortable. You had such good ideas and helpful suggestions. Your online services with Pinterest is perfect. You make wonderful suggestions and help me move outside of my comfort zone. You have a way of introducing things without scaring me off to trying new things. The other thing I like is that you really dressed us to our body type so it’s flattering to our figures.”

– Shea, Project Manager, The Netherlands


“I had a great time and I found it very useful and inspirational. I was motivated to put more effort into putting outfits together myself, especially for work, but also for lazy days at home. I started receiving compliments from friends and colleagues immediately. I would have never continued to wear some of my summer clothes in the winter. Jenni showed me how to do this and that it was OK. I had a lot of random fashion rules in my head that were not really based on anything. She helped me to break these needless restrictions. I found I had more freedom to create outfits this way. Jenni planned with my situation in mind. She prepared some ideas and was professional in her approach. The session was relaxed and fun. I left feeling confident and encouraged.”

– Katina, Teacher, The Netherlands


“I enjoyed the process overall, from booking to the actual appointment and the after-sales service. You are very open, friendly and easy to relate to, and also very professional and well-prepared. I liked getting the printouts of the articles for the branding. I got a lot of information that de-mystified the whole “styling” issue for me. I always thought it was some kind of DNA/advanced skillset that I was simply born without. But now I feel much more confident to try out things I like and follow simple rules with regards to colours and shapes.”

– Dimitra, Marketing Consultant, The Netherlands

Image consultant and personal stylist in Amsterdam

– Özlem, Freelance Consultant, The Netherlands

I was lucky enough to have a personal shopping experience with Jenni right before my summer holiday. Whilst shopping can be hard work at any time of the year, the summer wardrobe is always one of the hardest, partly because I want clothes that I am really only likely to to wear very much whilst I am actually away – strangely I do not seem to need summery clothes that often in Amsterdam! One of the wonderful things about Jenni is how she makes it look easy! After taking the time to talk to me in detail about what I like and what I needed she was able to walk through the shop with the sharpest eye for detail, spotting things that I would probably never have even noticed. Even in a large department store like de Bijenkorf she seemed to miss nothing and was not overwhelmed or distracted by the enormous array of fashion that it holds. She also accompanies you to the changing room so that you have someone reliable to show things to when you have them on. I found this invaluable because we had quite a large selection of things and she would mix and match items for me showing me things that would work together and what wouldn’t. I ended up with a small capsule wardrobe of summery items, all of which I have loved and wore a lot during my holiday. But best of all, the are the sort of things that I also wear here so they don’t end up being consigned to the cupboard until my next summer holiday.

Of all the things I loved about Jenni and her approach, one of my favourite things is that, in addition to her enormous knowledge about fashion, she is also not snobby about labels. She was just as happy to take me to Esprit or even Topshop as she was to look at high end designers. For Jenni, what mattered was the style and what I wanted to achieve, not about making herself look good and leaving me with a bunch of clothes that I would look awesome in but probably only wear once. Aside from making her excellent at what she does, it also makes her very relaxing to go shopping with. She made me feel confident and comfortable, which is not something I normally experience when I am shopping for clothes. I have had personal shoppers before, but generally I have ended up with only one or two things that I got much wear out of and a lot of things that I quickly regretted and never wore.

I can honestly say that this was easily one of the best shopping experiences I have had in more than 15 years. Her whole service is great value for money I think, especially when you consider all the longer term implications of what she does for you, a feeling of confidence in what you are wearing, an understanding of how to put looks together, and the fact that she takes the time to figure out just who you are and what you want before you go near the shops. I will definitely be booking Jenni’s services again!”

– Jane, Writer, The Netherlands

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Image consultant and personal stylist in Amsterdam


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