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Shop Your Closet Like a Stylist

Shop Your Closet Like a Stylist


Shop Your Closet Like a Wardrobe Stylist

In this blog entry we go shopping in your own wardrobe. I help you to build strong looks from the items you already have. Last minute panics, getting a sudden invitation to a big meeting, an ad-hoc job interview or a fun dinner after work with friends or colleagues will never be a fashion dilemma for you again after reading this.

You will always know you what to wear and you can fully concentrate on what matters the most to you.

First I would like you to answer this very short questionnaire to see if this method is relevant to you in the first place:

  1. Is your wardrobe bursting from it’s seams but still you have nothing to wear?
  2. Tired of buying new items only to find them unused in the back of your closet after several months?
  3. Fed up with wasting money on mediocre items that kind-of almost look okay but bring you no joy or increased confidence?

If you answered YES to one or more questions it’s time to shop your closet with I on Image!



Here at I on Image I use a simple 3-step method that you can easily copy into your own wardrobe maintenance routine. You can of course do it on your own, but having someone else take a critical look at your wardrobe helps you keep your thoughts clear throughout the process.

Ask a stylish friend or invest in a personal stylist. I recommend repeating the process 4 times a year ie. when a new season starts. It’s also a mindful ritual to prepare yourself to the new season and to embrace and rediscover your style without actually having to buy new items.

The rule of thumb is to make your wardrobe work for you -and not the other way around.

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3 Step-method: 1. Plan 2. Prepare 3. Store


STEP 1. PLAN your wardrobe

Well planned is half done. Set you style intention and define the key elements of your style. Start building outfits that reflect your personality and bring the best out in you.

You probably already know what looks good on you. My job is to make you aware of it and become intentional and consistent about your style. The best dressed people always look like they just threw something fabulous on before heading out to do fabulous things.

Spoiler alert: They did not. Their wardrobe is carefully curated and outfits well planned by a professional personal stylist. Good news is that this luxury is no longer reserved for the rich and famous. Here at I on Image we work with all budgets and of course with all sizes too.

Plan your wardrobe and your outfits

PLAN Your Wardrobe


When the foundation of your wardrobe is built well you too can literally just throw something fabulous on without having to think about it twice. A very handy feature to have in order to make your busy mornings easier, don’t you agree?

Watch Friday Style Secrets episode below about planning your outfits in advance


STEP 2. PREPARE your wardrobe

We hold on to things for various reasons but having too much can cause stress and confusion. No wonder Marie Kondo became so popular. We are literally drowning in stuff and clothes are no exception, in fact they are a huge waste problem in the world.

Where do all those polyester party tops that you wore once -or gasp, not even once- go to retire? Taking control of your wardrobe is good for your own clarity and time management but the planet will thank you too.

Prepare your wardrobe for the new season

PREPARE Your Wardrobe


Make some space for your real style and learn to let go of habits that are not contributing to your welbeing nor to your style. You’ll soon notice that you don’t need to keep on buying more because you’ll love what you already have.

Watch Friday Style Secrets episode below about making some space in your wardrobe -and keeping it that way.


STEP 3. STORE your clothes right

By this final step there should be some breathing space in your closet that allows you to see what you have on pretty much just one glimpse. All my clients love the simplicity and speed of choosing what to wear after my visit.

Utilize your wardrobe space well and make conscious storage choices that improve your every day life. Instagram-worthy wardrobe are no longer the privilege of the rich and famous. You too can have a closet full of “good friends” as my lovely client Susanne said it.

Read more testimonials in here.

Closet organizing and storage tips

STORE Your Items Right


Wardrobe transformations by I on Image


Shop your closet with I on Image

For a more in-depth approach I recommend booking I on Image’s Wardrobe Edit session where tailored style advice, handy shopping list (if applicable) and fresh suggestions on how to get the most out of your clothes is provided.

I come to your house and build strong looks from the items you already have. I take a critical look at each piece. Some may have to go, some need to be replaced. I hang your complete outfits from Monday to Friday in your closet for fast and easy mornings. We take photos of each outfit and you can use them as your visual style journal. For privacy reasons I recommend my clients to take these photos with their own device.


Image Consultant, Personal Stylist, Personal Shopper in AMSTERDAM

Claim the ownership of your personal image and book your appointment with I on Image today


Allow yourself to try on new and unexpected combinations. Fall in love with your existing clothes over and over again.

You will always know you what to wear and you can fully concentrate on what matters the most to you: family, friends, work, volunteering, studying, sports, personal development -or just hanging out!


Your image consultant with an eye for detail

This post was originally published on I on Image’s website on 6th June 2018 and edited on 24th January 2019

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