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Image Consulting & Personal Styling Services in Amsterdam and Online
Image Consulting & Personal Styling Services in Amsterdam and Online – CLICK TO SAVE ON PINTEREST

Image Consulting

My Image Consulting services help you to make a great first impression. Take your personal image on a next level that exudes confidence and professionalism.

Your personal image is the perception that people have about you. It affects your success in every aspect of your life. When a person meets you for the first time their brain makes several snap decisions about you in just 7 seconds.

This module covers the following elements about you: Your communication, appearance and digital presence.

1. Communication

Communication skills are some of the most important skills that you need to succeed in life. I help you gain a better understanding of your verbal and non-verbal communication. Learn to say what you want to say, in a way that nothing about you distracts your audience from receiving your valuable message.

Gain more confidence. Get used to being the best dressed person in the room.

2. Appearance

Your appearance is the part of you that you can’t possibly hide. Do you look the part? I help you discover the power of your personal style that flatters your best features.

  • Discover your body shape -Dress your shape with my gentle guidance. I on Image is a 100% female friendly company that values body positivity and freedom express oneself at any size and age.
  • Discover your best colours and learn how to combine them.
  • Improve your business attire: Increase your executive presence and project professionalism by dressing for the job or level you want. Put your best foot forward every single day at work.
  • Outfit planning: Ready-to-go Mon-Fri outfits, holiday and business travel capsule wardrobes and going out looks.
  • Save time and stop stressing about style for good. You deserve great style every day!
  • Style advice for all sizes, ages, professions and budgets.
  • Set your style intention and improve your image on the spot.

3. Digital Presence

Your digital presence is a vital part of your personal brand because first impressions are often made online.

This module will help you to manage your digital presence on relevant online platforms, increase your visibility and help you to build a reputation that is fully aligned with your personal brand.

Image Consulting & Personal Styling Services in Amsterdam and Online


Reserve 4h (incl. homework & follow up)

Online support for 3 months


Add a personalized secret Pinterest board for 30€

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BOOK NOW image consultant and personal stylist Amsterdam
BOOK NOW Image Consulting & Personal Styling Services in Amsterdam & Online

All 2020 Services Include The Following Benefits (NEW 2020)

  • Image assessment form before your appointment
  • Style notes after your session
  • Possibility to pay by Tikkie. You can always request for an invoice copy for your records
  • Travel cost within Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Badhoevedorp and Hoofddorp. Don’t be shy: go ahead and ask for a quote on travel costs for other locations

All your questions answered: FAQ at I on Image

Billing Information (NEW 2020)

  • VAT 21% is included in package prices
  • Parking costs will be added to your invoice. I am also happy to use your guest parking permit.
  • 14 days payment terms apply on all invoices
  • Free cancellation 48h before the appointment. After that 50% will be invoiced. Rescheduling is free of charge and can be done 3 times
  • Dutch VAT number (btw-id) NL002439549B82
  • I on Image -Image Consulting is registered at the Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce under number 63903288 in 2015

I am looking forward to working with you. Talk to you soon!

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