Wardrobe Edits

Wardrobe Edits - Shop Your Closet

Wardrobe Edits – Shop Your Closet

Wardrobe Edits

This service is great for the environment and great for your wallet too. Enjoy simplicity and effortless style for years to come and unleash your own creativity by learning to style an endless amount of fabulous looks.

In your wardrobe editing session we go shopping in your wardrobe. I build strong looks from the items you already have. I take a critical look at each piece. Some may have to go, some need to be replaced. I hang your complete outfits from Monday to Friday in your closet for fast and easy mornings.

We take photos of each outfit and you can use them as your visual style journal. Getting a sudden invitation to a big meeting, an interview or a fun dinner after work will never be a fashion dilemma for you again.

You will always know you what to wear and you can fully concentrate on what matters the most to you.

Wardrobe Editing, price 70€/h (minimum booking 2h)

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I am looking forward to editing your wardrobe soon!

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