Personal Shopping

Personal Shopping-Shop Like a Pro

Personal Shopping – Shop Like a Pro

Personal Shopping

Avoid style stress, buyers remorse and stop second-guessing your purchases. Get value of every cent you spend, even during sales. Take your personal style to the next level by adding a wow-factor or two in your current looks -or have a complete makeover, just because you can!

During personal shopping session we hit the shops together and fill in the gaps in your style narrative. I take in consideration your existing wardrobe (especially if I have personally seen it during your Wardrobe Edit-session), your unique body shape, colours that make you radiate, your budget and any other special wishes that you may have.

I know the brands, materials, current trends and styles that will flatter you forever, and I know when to save and when to spend. I don’t endorse a particular brand or a store. I shop where you want to shop.

Some customers feel confident enough to shop alone after a few rounds, some love the service so much that they don’t want to shop alone ever again.

 Personal Shopping, price 70€/h (minimum booking 2h), also available as online service and during sales. Scroll down for more.

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Image Consultant, Personal Stylist, Personal Shopper in AMSTERDAM


I am looking forward to go shopping with you!

Your image consultant with an eye for detail

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