Keeping dry & warm with I on Image

The past few days it has been chucking down with ice cold winter rain in The Netherlands. My news feed is full of people reporting getting soaked during the school run or on their way to the office.

Those who live in milder climates find it hard to believe that people here still cycle every day but it’s all true! We are not put off by a little rain in here but it’s also depressing to feel wet and cold all day long. In today’s micro-blog I share my rainy day favorites that keep you dry and warm but also look nice.


How to stay warm and dry in Dutch winter?


Jack Wolfskin Iceguard winter parka waterproof jacket

Photo credits: Jack Wolfskin

Super warm water&wind proof Jack Wolfskin Iceguard winter parka does what it promises. I have this one in black but this one in White Sand looks lovely and light! In total there are 5 different colours.

Ilse Jacobsen makes warm winter wellies from 100% natural rubber

Photo credits: Ilse Jacobsen

Danish Ilse Jacobsen makes warm winter wellies from 100% natural rubber from sustainable harvests. They have a warm lining and an extra inner sole. I have these in black with white laces but these beige ones are on my wish list. The long model come in 10 different colours. The boot is also available in 3/4 length and ankle length. I never have wet toes!

Barbour Beadnell jacket

Photo credits: Barbour

If the long parka feels too warm or bulky a Barbour International waxed cotton jacket is a great alternative. It’s still water and wind proof and it looks very stylish. I have this one in Sandstone from a few seasons back but the black one in the photo is very cool too. A longer model, classic Beadnell (worn even by The Queen!) is on my wish list.


TOP TIP: Don’t forget to bring an extra pair of office appropriate shoes along.

Now I am off to make a jumbo cup of green tea.

Stay warm and dry this winter!


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