Extend the Life of Your Summer Dress

So you bought yourself a gorgeous summer dress, wore it all summer and now you are experiencing difficulties parting with it. No worries. I on Image wants you to keep on wearing it until the first snowfall or torrential autumn storm and here’s a complete guide on how.

Photo credits Vaibhav Kashyap on Stocksnap.io

Welcome the new season by styling your summer dress in a new I on Image-proof way:

  1. Wear it with opaque tights. Legs getting covered around town is the first sign of autumn. This look will make hemlines even on the shorter side appropriate for the office and give you an instant leg-lift. Flattering, cheap and practical.
  2. Wear it with chunky knitwear. Nothing says autumn better than a cosy cable-knit in an earthly colour. Chunky knitwear combines well with florals and flowy summer fabrics and anchors your look into the new season. This look has a practical side to it too as the mornings can suddenly feel chilly. Wrap up and feel as cosy as you look.
  3. Wear it with boots. A pair of leather boots will add edge to romantic and carefree summer styles. This look is always cool and admittedly very handy in rain, which we will be undoubtedly getting plenty of.
  4. Wear a T-shirt under it. Strappy sundresses have a seemingly short life span but I like to challenge that by wearing a simple fitted T-shirt under them. This 90’s inspired look is very now and it gives you more coverage for an office-appropriate attire.
  5. Wear a polo neck under it. This look has the same effect as above but with even more coverage for chilly autumn days. This look works well with sheath dresses, pinafore dresses and short-sleeved dresses.

See, there is no reason to pack away something that you love so much and that looks so great on you!


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