Dress Your Shape: HOURGLASS

I on Image’s body shape guide

EPISODE 4/4: Heroic hourglass

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Dress your shape

Dressing for your shape can be tricky and daunting. All the advice out there seems so restricting and judgemental. Some advice concentrates mainly on hiding flaws which I find so depressing and unnecessary.

Yes, I know I am not perfect but must we talk about it all the time? I just want to be me. And I just want you to be you. Here at I on Image we are having none of that negativity.

We celebrate, respect and appreciate each body regardless of it’s shape and allow everyone to set their own limits and standards -or give them up altogether. It’s up to you!

But to give you some of the tried and tested style advice that I am hoarding in my fashionably ruffled sleeve, here comes I on Image’s 4-episode BODY SHAPE GUIDE for hourglass body shape.

Remember that these are just very rough guidelines and majority of people fall in multiple categories. You are also allowed to rebel and wear what ever you want!

To discover your own unique beautiful body shape with a professional I recommend booking I on Image’s IMAGE CONSULTING session. Find out what shape you are, learn to dress your shape and how to shop your shape.

With my gentle guidance you will learn to appreciate what is amazing about you and how you can flaunt it -or keep it just for yourself. It’s up to you because it’s your body after all. You can book your IMAGE CONSULTING session here.

I believe that every body is beautiful!


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