Dress Your Shape: HOURGLASS

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Dress Your Shape Hourglass

Dress Your Shape: Hourglass

Dress your shape: hourglass

Do you have one or more of the following body features?

  • Balanced bust vs. hips
  • Clearly defined waistline
  • Feminine silhouette
  • Great legs

-> YES THAT’S ME, keep on reading further for style advice

Are you an HOURGLASS body shape?

Are you an HOURGLASS body shape?


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Hourglass Power Features

  • Your curves
  • Your legs
  • Your smile

Accentuate these body features by dressing right. Style tips will follow in the next chapter. Remember that your smile is always your best accessory!

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Hourglass Body Shape Power Features

Hourglass Power Features


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Best styles for an HOURGLASS body shape

  • Wrapped styles. I love classic Diane Von Furstenberg-style printed wrap dresses and sexy 50’s-style wrap blouses so much. They create a beautiful curve and help you look your best without even trying.
  • Belted styles. A good belt will add definition to any outfit when you wish to accentuate your waistline. If leather belts feel too stiff try a fabric belt or my favorite: an elastic belt, which feels super comfy but your still get the style!
  • Tailored and fitted styles. It goes without saying that hiding a beautiful figure under masses of fabric is just not flattering and wide styles will often look too baggy on a feminine hourglass figure. Opt for fitted styles instead.
  • Boot cut or skinny trousers and jeans, fitted capris. These classic trouser styles look amazing on a balanced figure. Avoid baggy styles and large volumes of fabric.
  • High-waisted trousers and skirts, especially pencil skirts. These styles accentuate your waist and create a flattering feminine figure.


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Best styles for HOURGLASS body shape

Best styles for HOURGLASS body shape


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Remember that these are just very rough guidelines and majority of people fall in multiple categories. You are also allowed to rebel and wear what ever you want!

I believe that every body is beautiful!

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This article appeared originally in I on Image’s blog on 13th June 2018 and was edited on 14th May 2019

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