In praise of being over-dressed

Unexcpected advantages of dressing up with a personal stylist


Dressing up for going out

The festive season being just around the corner I would like to draw your attention to your festive attire. By festive attire I mean wearing something gorgeous, yet appropriate for the occasion.

Necklines too deep and hemlines too short may not fall in the category of appropriate so approach carefully. What I am talking about is lush fabrics, sequins, sparkles, fake fur, decadent cuts and extravagant accessories.

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My Summer Essentials

Summer essentials are the items that make your summer. Think sunglasses, maxi dress, that turquoise necklace that takes you right back to Amalfi coast… Without them summer just wouldn’t be the same. Mine tend to change a bit every year but in principle these are the items that I always pack with me and I couldn’t imagine a summer without them.

This is my list:

1. Printed maxi-dress and a pretty handbag

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Back to Work -AW16 with I on Image

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Magic of Autumn

There is something magical about autumn: The crisp morning air, darker nights, colourful foliage… and fashion. It’s my favorite time of the year and I always feel myself coming back to life after the long lazy summer days.

I love dressing myself darker shades because they look infinitely more chic than the juicy summer tones that often make people look like they are trying too hard or are simply living in a coconut scented fantasy.

Wrap me up in cool grey, stylish navy, earthy brown, buttery beige, powdery muted pastels and edgy black instead.

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I on Image asks the experts -Packing for holiday

The holiday season is almost upon us and before we are rewarded by actually being on holiday we need to go through the agonizing exercise of packing all the essentials so we can enjoy our holiday the we way had planned.

I can’t think of a better way to tackle this problem than just going to the two most organized people I have ever come across: Professional organizers Melissa Curran Kalker of Sorted by Melissa and Susanne Gaspar of The Space Woman.

Packing tips, professional organizing tips

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Packing tips from professional organizers

1. I am a mother of two energetic boys and my husband I juggling our busy schedules reminds me sometimes of a military operation. Packing for this gang takes a long time despite the fact that my husband always packs his own suitcase. How early I should start packing? Continue reading

Keeping dry & warm with I on Image

The past few days it has been chucking down with ice cold winter rain in The Netherlands. My news feed is full of people reporting getting soaked during the school run or on their way to the office.

Those who live in milder climates find it hard to believe that people here still cycle every day but it’s all true! We are not put off by a little rain in here but it’s also depressing to feel wet and cold all day long. In today’s micro-blog I share my rainy day favorites that keep you dry and warm but also look nice.


How to stay warm and dry in Dutch winter?


Jack Wolfskin Iceguard winter parka waterproof jacket

Photo credits: Jack Wolfskin

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