Summer Essentials 2017 by I on Image

In last week’s Friday Style Secrets episode on Facebook and Instagram I invited you to share your summer essentials and later I shared my own favorites that are:

  1. A cotton sundress in a lovely colour or print
  2. Sunscreen that doesn’t irritate your skin, killer mascara and lip gloss with SPF
  3. Sunglasses with an attitude

Inspired by the video I wanted to share with you more summer essentials that I have found for my clients or for myself. Please note that, as usual, none of the links are affiliate links. I am an independent personal stylist and I take no kick backs from shops for advertising their products. I work with all brands from Primark to Prada and my sole aim is to find the best items for YOU. Should I on Image ever be involved in an affiliate program it will be clearly marked so you can make an educated style choice.


Here you can watch the video on Instagram and add your own summer essentials in the comments section throughout the summer of 2017!

An unfortunate side note: That turquoise necklace that I am wearing on the video snapped last night and my kitchen was full of beads. I was sad because, besides of it being really nice for the summer, I made it myself a few years ago from two old necklaces (the other one was broken and the other one’s metal parts scratched my skin). I must repair it soon!


summer essentials 2017 by I on Image

1. A cotton sundress in a lovely colour or print. This dress will take you from beach to parties. Just change the accessories. Remember to keep it as glam as possible throughout the day. Summer is too short for frumpy. During the day it’s all about the easy breezy summer chic in flat sandals and cool shades. In the evening you can add a comfy wedge heel or platform sandals and jewelry, tons of jewelry. You can belt the dress for a more defined waistline but you can also eat in these dresses, unlike in many other summer frocks that I have seen lately. I have selected only models that are 100% cotton and my strict criteria was that they must allow you to wear a proper bra underneath. I have also sneaked in a plus size dress because I strongly believe that enjoying summer and fashion belongs to everyone!

a) & Other Stories printed cotton shirt dress. Order yours here.

b) ASOS CURVE palm print midi sundress with ruffle. Order yours here.

c) COS Oversized printed T-shirt dress. Order yours here.


2. Sunscreen that doesn’t irritate your skin, killer mascara and lip gloss with SPF. You will enjoy the summer the most without a sunburn. First, it’s dangerous and aging. Second, it’s as far from chic as can be. So protect yourself. Stay in the shade or use a sunhat. Avoid the frying midday sun (it’s anyway a good excuse for a nap, if your schedule allows).

d) Colorescience Sunforgettable®Brush-on mineral sunscreen SPF 50. Available in 4 shades. Order yours here.

e) Dior Diorshow Iconic Overcurl waterproof mascara. My sister gave the normal version of this mascara to me as a present and I have been a fan ever since. Order yours here.

f) Paula’s Choice Resist Anti-Aging lip gloss SPF 40 in universally flattering pink. Finding a tinted lip product with this high SPF was not easy! Order yours here.


3. Sunglasses with an attitude. Nothing quite adds attitude to any style of clothing than a pair of really cool shades. They allow you to go #nomakeup, hide the fact that you skipped your boot camp in the park and drank rose on the pier with your girlfriends until you (almost) missed the last bus (*happened to a friend*) and most importantly prevent you from getting that miserable headache that I always get from being in the sun.

g) &Other Stories colour block sunglasses. Order yours here.

h) Jeepers Peepers unisex visor style sunglasses with tortoiseshell and gold frame and brown tinted lens. Order yours here.

i) Le Specs ASHANTI matte quartz  diamond mirror cat-eye sunglasses. Order yours here.


Couldn’t find your style here or hungry for more summer essentials?Book your appointment with I on Image here! If you are short of time ask for our online services available to all locations in the world plus they can be offered with a very short notice. I am also looking forward to shop the summer sales with you, live and online!

Summer just got more stylish!


Your image consultant with an eye for detail, even when the weather is boiling hot

Season greetings from I on Image


Dear customers and fans,

Thank you very much for the amazing 2016! It would have not been the same without you. Here’s to another year of impeccable image, magical wardrobes and memorable personal style.

This year I wanted to donate time instead of money, like I did last year, and I was honored to have the opportunity to host a workshop for Empower Amsterdam, a local organization that is empowering job seekers to help themselves. It was a lovely way to give back to our wonderful community and to support small non-profit organization making a difference in this city that we now call home.

I am also spreading an important message from the organization I volunteer for since 2014, Amsterdam Mamas. Read what I am kindly asking for you to do here in my Facebook post.

I on Image wishes you and your loved ones

a Merry Christmas


a Happy New Year 2017!

With love and gratitude,
-Your image consultant with an eye for detail

All I want for Christmas… Red Dress Edition

Your personal shopper, I on Image, has shopped for you online for 5 wearable red dresses with sleeves -that you can also eat in. All items are available on Zalando.


  1. If you are looking for the ultimate classic red Christmas dress…

Closet at Zalando


2. If you are planning to wear it later to the office…


Hobbs at Zalando


3. If you spent all your money on taxis…


Wallis at Zalando


4. If you are plus size…


Frank Lyman at Zalando


5. If you are pregnant or nursing…


Boob at Zalando


Wear your red dress with a sophisticated sparkly flat with a delicate ankle strap and a full-on bling statement necklace. Finish with a classic red lip and manicure.


Happy holiday parties everyone!

Your image consultant with an eye for detail

Summer special 2016: I on Image -En Vacance

Here comes I on Image holiday special for summer 2016! I know you have earned your stylish break so let’s make it a breeze for you. I have created a bunch of summer styles for you to steal.
I love these shades of coral and turquoise that take me immediately far far away on a pristine beach where the days are long and lazy. A wide brimmed sunhat and stylish sunglasses are an absolute must. I get headaches so easily in the sun, and who has time for that on a holiday. Flat sandals give your toes a break and matching accessories finish your look. I also always love to have a new summer scent that sets the mood for the whole season. I got mine already in May!

I hope you love these outfits as much as I do. You can find them all -AND MORE- on my Pinterest board: Go ahead and pin them on your own style board! Then it’s time to sit back and just look good. Okay reading a nice book or having a cocktail with a colourful umbrella are pretty good alternatives too!

Packing is definitely my least favorite part of the holiday but with the help of professional organizers Melissa Curran Kalker of Sorted by Melissa and Susanne Gaspar of The Space Woman it feels like a walk in the park

Activate your out office message and don’t skimp on sunscreen.
Have a lovely summer time!


I on Image founder and image consultant with an eye for detail


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I on Image asks the experts -Packing for holiday

The summer holiday season is almost upon us and before we are rewarded by actually being on holiday we need to go through the agonizing exercise of packing all the essentials so we can enjoy our holiday the we way had planned. I can’t think of a better way to tackle this problem than just going to the two most organized people I have ever come across: Professional organizers Melissa Curran Kalker of Sorted by Melissa and Susanne Gaspar of The Space Woman.

Photo credits: Thomas Martinsen on

Photo credits: Thomas Martinsen on

1. I am a mother of two energetic boys and my husband I juggling our busy schedules reminds me sometimes of a military operation. Packing for this gang takes a long time despite the fact that my husband always packs his own suitcase. How early I should start packing?

Melissa Curran Kalker: I suggest mentally rehearsing your packing several weeks in advance of your holiday. This not only helps to heighten the anticipation of your impending holiday, which according to recent studies, is our high point, but also makes you think of which suitcase, clothing, toys and accessories are necessary for your adventures. A few days prior to you travel, begin collecting your items to pack.

Susanne Gaspar: Prepare your packing list a few weeks in advance – you can find many examples online.  Write down everything you want to pack and check if it’s there (does your bikini still fit? Do the kids have sun hats/sun protection wear? etc.). Then you still have time to buy any missing items. About a week before you leave, you can already pack any items you don’t need at home anymore, assess what still needs to be laundered and then add the missing items. Check them off your packing list to keep an overview – and peace of mind.


2. What if some items need still to be used at home and can’t just lay in the suitcase waiting for the holiday?

MCK: Ensure that items that need to be washed make it through a cycle. When you begin to pack go through your morning/evening routine. You should touch upon all the items you need from beauty products, toothbrushes, socks and shoes to sleepwear.

SG: Just stick to your packing list and you won’t forget anything. Make sure to check it a few days before leaving so you can do some last-minute laundry one or two days before departure. Leave enough space in your suitcase to pack these items.


3. Let’s settle this once and for all: Which items go into the hand luggage and which items go into the hold luggage?

MCK: If you are checking a bag for a flight always pack in your hand luggage spare underwear/clothing, and never check your prescription medication, lost/delayed luggage is always a possibility. Anything you don’t require on a plane, in a car or on the train to keep your comfy, fed or entertained should go in your suitcase. Adapters and chargers are bulky and if you are fully charged you won’t need these until you reach your destination.

SG: Anything you will really need (not might need!) whilst travelling goes in your hand luggage! Healthy snacks, drinks (not when you take a plane), entertainment for the kids, depending on the age diapers etc, baby carrier, and I like to pack a large but light shawl that can double as a blanket for me and my son. A book for myself (which I might even read if the little one sleeps…), our passports, travel documents, medications, and one set of underwear for the next day in case your luggage gets lost. Underwear is not bulky and can go in a ziplock back to the bottom of your bag. Wear your bulkiest clothing items to save space. As a minimalist, for me that’s actually all I pack. Other women might want to include some makeup and a hair brush.


4. What about clothes, are you ladies rollers or folders?

MCK: Roll the smaller items like shirts, fold jeans and jackets in half and lay on top as these tend to be bulky.

SG: I am a folder. As I fold and store my clothes according to the Marie Kondo method at home, I simply take my clothes out of their drawers and put them in the suitcase. I can see what I have at a glance! If I travel with a backpack (as we will this summer), I roll.


5. How do I pack my wide brimmed sunhat without it getting squashed? I don’t want to wear it on the plane because they will make me book an extra seat for it.

MCK: Place it upside-down in your suitcase, pack your clothing in and around the hat. This will help it retain it’s shape and keep it from shifting while luggage is being handled.

SG: Personally, I would say, leave it at home and take one that you can easily fold if any at all. But that’s me – go ahead and pack it, but be aware that no matter how good you pack it it might look a little rough once you unpack. Stuff the crown of the hat with small items – bathing suits, socks, underwear.  Fill until it’s completely full so the crown maintains its shape. Once your larger items are packed (clothing, shoes), lay your hat brim down on top of those large items.  Pack your smaller items (toiletries, hair tools, makeup bag, etc) around the crown of the hat, placing the items on top of the brim to maintain it’s shape. Zip up your bag and good luck!


6. I always end up packing too much and end up returning from holiday with unused items. With small things like tops and jewelry is doesn’t matter but it’s a shame to trawl around with excess baggage, especially if you have to leave something gorgeous in the shop because you don’t have the space to bring it back home. How much is too much stuff?

MCK: Shoes take up an inordinate amount of space in your suitcase. Often we wear less than half of the ones we have packed. Pack shoes that are versatile rather than for a particular outfit and wear your biggest pair of shoes on travel days to save space.

SG: If you pack an outfit for every single day it is probably too much. I usually pack for a week and do laundry in the sink once or twice or pay for the hotel’s laundry service. It saves you so much weight and hassle when lugging your baggage around, and for me it is worth the money as I like to travel light. Create a capsule wardrobe by laying out your clothes on the bed before packing. Choose clothes that match with as many other items as possible, are wrinkle-free, don’t show stains immediately (yes, the white silk blouse might not be the perfect choice), and that are versatile (the high-heels might not be suitable for the beach, whilst sandals can look fancy and work for several occasions).


7. How do I keep things organized in my suitcase?

MCK: Use plastic shopping bags. These are great for dirty clothing, wet swimwear, and corralling shoes and loose toiletries that don’t fit in your makeup/beauty case.

SG: The less you have, the easier this is! Small items can go in ziplock bags, cotton, or mesh bags. You can buy travel cubes/packing cubes that fit into your suitcase, and sort the contents by person or category. If you have folded your clothes and put them in the suitcase upright, you don’t need any bags. Just pack heavy items like cosmetics, shoes, etc into the area of the suitcase that will be the bottom once it stands up. That way, it doesn’t crumple your neatly folded shirts.

Photo credits: Erol Ahmed on

Photo credits: Erol Ahmed on

Thank you so much for these valuable packing tips Melissa and Susanne!

And finally a stylish tip from me: Did you know these two ladies also do miracles organizing your wardrobe if you have no time to tidy it up yourself before my “Shopping in your own wardrobe” style session where you have the chance to fall in love with your existing clothes over and over again?

Stylishly yours,


-Image consultant with an eye for detail

Keeping dry & warm with I on Image

The past few days it has been chucking down with ice cold winter rain in The Netherlands. My news feed is full of people reporting getting soaked during the school run or on their way to the office. Those who live in milder climates find it hard to believe that people here still cycle every day but it’s all true! We are not put off by a little rain in here but it’s also depressing to feel wet and cold all day long. In today’s micro-blog I share my rainy day favorites that keep you dry and warm but also look nice.

Photo credits

Super warm water&wind proof Jack Wolfskin Iceguard winter parka does what it promises. I have this one in black but this one in White Sand looks lovely and light! In total there are 5 different colours. To order:

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 12.13.12

Photo credits

Danish Ilse Jacobsen makes warm winter wellies from 100% natural rubber from sustainable harvests. They have a warm lining and an extra inner sole. I have these in black with white laces but these beige ones are on my wish list. The long model come in 10 different colours. The boot is also available in 3/4 length and ankle length. I never have wet toes! To order:

Photo credits

If the long parka feels too warm or bulky a Barbour International waxed cotton jacket is a great alternative. It’s still water and wind proof and it looks very stylish. I have this one in Sandstone from a few seasons back but the black one in the photo is very cool too. A longer model, classic Beadnell (worn even by The Queen!) is on my wish list. For stockists:

Now I am off to make a jumbo cup of green tea. Stay warm and dry!

I on Image founder and image consultant with an eye for detail

Ps. Don’t forget to bring an extra pair of office appropriate shoes along. I suggest Michael Kors Flex that was featured today on my Facebook album “I on Image ♥ Shopping





‘Tis the season to be jolly!

The festive season is here again, and despite it being mainly fun and games, the question is already out there:

What on earth are we going to wear?

To make your life easier and save your valuable time I have created a selection of fabulous party looks for you to steal! I was inspired by textures: lace, embellishments, sequins, embroidery… all beautiful things that have a little vintage feel about them. And this December I simply can’t resist a little fake fur jacket! I have pinned all these Christmas party looks -and more- on my Pinterest board “I on Image loves to party” so you can pin them on your own style board and share with your friends.

So go ahead and pour yourself a warm glass of red (a few wine suggestions on my earlier blog More wine? I on Image tastes wines with Sanna Pöyry) sit back and enjoy this virtual shopping tour. ‘Tis the season to spend time with your family and friends, not stressing out in shops! If you prefer to shop with a professional personal shopper, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me. Along my image consulting services I offer personal shopping service -live and online.

Enjoy the most wonderful time of the year in style!

I on Image founder and image consultant with an eye for detail

I on Image for Amsterdam Mamas

I have been volunteering for Stichting Amsterdam Mamas as an admin for about a year now and it has been an honor to serve this wonderful community. I was delighted when they asked me to collaborate for their Facebook page’s summery fashion special! These looks are created especially for mamas and mamas-to-be by choosing easy pieces suitable for busy daily life of a parent. You see Amsterdam Mamas signature red throughout the board but feel free to replace it with your own signature colour. Go ahead and pins these images on your own style board and go and like them here.

Here you go: I on Image for Amsterdam Mamas summer fashion special! From me to you, with love.

Empire line jersey maxi dress is a great item to have. You can also use it as a skirt if you fold the tube top over your hips. The fabric is nice and soft and it stretches to accommodate your pregnant belly. You might feel more comfortable in flats but for those who long for their heels, I have selected a comfortable wedge heel. The white bag and cardigan look super fresh against red. I could not help myself for adding a little bling to this look but I kept to just one bracelet!

This look takes you from beach to lunch and a little stroll in town. Flaunt your growing belly by wearing just a regular bikini and throw on a crispy white A-line linnen dress when it’s time to go. These comfortable flats offer a bit more support than a flip-flop would do. A sun hat and shades are a must to keep you covered and this boho-inspired roomy beach tote carries all your essentials. Don’t skimp on sunscreen and stay hydrated!

These denim shorts are ideal for sightseeing. They are made of breezy lyocell and have an elastic waist so they feel comfortable with your growing belly. The lacy cotton top is cut wide and you can wear it over your bikini or over your pregnancy camisole. Just buy it one size up. The sneakers keep you grounded and the scarf replaces a cardigan and doubles as a wrap skirt. The hat and sunglasses cover you from the sun and the rucksack is 100% fuss-free way to carry your things.


































Find all styles on this Pinterest board and pin them to your own style board:

Happy summer holiday mamas!

I on Image founder and image consultant with an eye for detail


Working in the heatwave

How to stay cool when the temperature keeps on rising? I on Image brings you 5 office looks that are all +30C proof!

You won’t be seeing my usual greys, blacks and beiges in this edit. This is the perfect season to rock some serious colour and crisp white is my preferred neutral to pair those sunny shades of coral, pineapple, grass, strawberry and the Mediterranean right now.

You may not need the blazer but I have added a fitted white one in case you have to present or meet a client. It upgrades your look immediately to business class and it’s nice to have sleeves should the office air-co be turned on max.

Commuters, pregnant ladies and those who prefer to keep their feet on the ground, I have selected stylish flats to complement each outfit. Open toes are ok in most offices but make sure yours are at least well buffed. Neutral is the most stylish nail varnish shade of the season but nothing beats a classic red.

Stylish sunglasses are a must when you are popping out for your soy caramel frappuccino.

Presenting from Vanuatu

Boho Business

The Breezy Jumpsuit


Sunny Side Up


La Dolce Vita




































Find all styles here and pin them in your own style board:
Enjoy the sunny weekend!-Jenni
I on Image founder and image consultant with an eye for detail


I on Image explores summer style

Holiday season is here and the past weeks I on Image was posting in the spirit of warm summery days spent carefree with our loved ones.I have created several summery looks for you to wear where ever you may go this summer.

I hope you love these outfits as much as I do. Go ahead and pin them on your own style board from here:
Activate your out office message and don’t skimp on sunscreen. Have a lovely summer time!

I on Image founder and image consultant with an eye for detail