How to get perfect lips

Lipstick is by far the most iconic beauty product in my beauty case. Only perfumes can win lipsticks on the nostagia front. I still remember my first Christian Dior lipstick that my mom bought me when I was 14. It was a playful peachy coral with a subtle sheen to it. It came in a luxurious navy, cobalt and gold packaging that for me defined The Look of the 90’s. Following that universally flattering shade came the dark grungy statement shades of plum and Bordeaux, that evolved into glittery Lancome’s Juicy Tube marks on a 20 something’s glass of plonk, followed by balmy Clinique’s Chubby Sticks hastily applied without a mirror by a busy career girl in a full morning metro 51. The girl became a mum who got hooked on Carmex, she turned 40 and, inspired by Victoria Beckham, eventually found her long lost love to wearing lip liner and decided to make her lips a statement accessory once again, but this time in a more sophisticated understated way.

A couple of weeks ago I on Image visited independent Mary Kay beauty consultant Marika Malin in Pinjacker and got the best tips to achieve those perfect lips that add that extra personal touch to your image. Dry patches, colour fading or changing and colour bleeding outside your lips are the most common lipstick problems that I wanted to tackle. Marika of course had the solution for each problem and a few additional tricks in her sleeve.

The most common lipstick problems and how to fix them:
  1. Dry patches sadly show even more when you are wearing lipstick so the first thing you need to do is to scrub and nourish your lips before even thinking about adding any colour to them. Marika recommended a pampering Satin Lips® Set that consist of a shea sugar scrub and a shea butter balm. You can apply this 2-step treatment before bedtime but it works well on a hasty morning too as the routine takes only a few minutes.
  2.  A lip primer is the only fail proof way to help the colour stay true and not fade away before lunch time. TimeWise® Age-Fighting Lip Primer locks the colour on your lips and helps you look fabulous for longer.
  3. Multi-functional TimeWise® Age-Fighting Lip Primer actually makes my beloved lip liner obsolete. It helps to keep the colour anchored steady on your lips which is a must for achieving professional appearance. This product is ideal for people who want less fuss in their lives and/or lack a steady hand for applying lip liner. My own lips would still profit from the added definition of using a lip liner so Marika recommended me a chic everyday shade of Mary Kay Lip Liner, Light Nude.
After learning about the miracles of prep work it was time to add some colour on my lips. Marika showed me two wearable looks that I applied myself: One classic nude and one sexy matte pink. Which one you like better?

I lined my lips with Mary Kay Lip Liner in Light Nude. Then I painted them with Mary Kay Creme Lipstick in Shell. For added dimension I dabbed a bit of Mary Kay NouriShine Plus® Lip Gloss in Fancy Nancy in the middle of my lips. This look works for every single day and pretty much every single outfit.



Here I am wearing Mary Kay Gel Semi-Matte Lipstick in Powerful Pink. This is a fun-loving look that is still not too severe for the office. I can see this working really well for going out too.


You can shop the products featured in this blog here or visit Marika on Facebook

Here’s to your perfect lips!


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I on Image Shops at I am Eva

It didn’t take long for I on Image to find a new obsession for 2017: Shopping at IamEva on Willemsstraat 171 in charming Jordaan in Amsterdam. I met the owner Eva Puerto Pastor through a Facebook group, she invited me to see her store and so I went. Next thing I know I was trying everything on. See my best IamEva looks in photos below.

Visit IamEva at Willemsstraat 171 in Amsterdam or


Eva is from Barcelona and I have a thing for the cool and quirky Barcelona style since forever. Two of my friends from the fashion school moved to Barcelona in the late 90’s and I spent some really good times in the city, including Millenium. It was lovely to see how Eva managed to bring the vibe I love to Amsterdam and make it all work so well. She also sells gift items and loads of incredibly cute stuff for children but of course my eyes were all on the fashion. Here are my best picks for you! All 100% I on Image proof styles that would look amazing in and out of the office.


  1. This ese O ese mohair and glitter jumper in blush pink is my favorite. It’s so soft and the shade is so flattering! Love the 3/4 sleeves showing a little wrist and the subtly open round neckline. The arrow bracelet and the long Chanel-style necklace with charms are also from the shop. The jeans are my own throughout the story. More about the shoes below…

2. Y’all know how impossible it is to find heels that walk well and are not too delicate for Amsterdam (think cobble stones, cycling, weather…). Well, I am delighted to announce that the search can now end. IamEva has brought these super comfortable Eight & October Mary Janes from Barcelona to Amsterdam. They are classic but with a twist of cool. They come in gorgeous reddish brown that looks amazing with our beloved denim and the fringe is just about right. Baby soft sand colour ese O ese jumper with very deep V-neck and scarf are also from the shop.

3. The Eight & October Mary Janes also work well toughening up this otherwise delicate outfit combining an ese O ese mohair and glitter jumper in icy blue and Papillon Rebelle tulle midi skirt in a matching shade. Note about this skirt: It’s done really well! The shops are at the moment full of tulle or lace midi skirts that to my great disappointment have a too short, too tight or a cheapily made lining that rides up your thighs al day driving you mad. Amsterdam based Papillon Rebelle makes theirs oh so lush and full. I can see this style work well also at an Amsterdam style outdoor wedding that requires something gorgeous, a little bit warm but never too stiff. Just add a kilo of bling -and do something about your hair. Mine was on a busy mum ponytail that day as I didn’t think I would end up in a spontaneous fashion shoot!

4. Here you have more ese O ese loveliness: The basic white top worn under is easy to miss as it feels light as a feather against my skin. I am always looking for simply amazing basics and this brand definitely has a few keepers. Stock up before they sell out! The long jacket is also by ese O ese. I like to push the sleeves up to make my look more feminine and a bit nonchalant. I am wearing another pair of Eight & October Mary Janes in here with red, white and blue accents. They were a match made in heaven for the red clutch and blue feather necklace, both from IamEva.

Thank you for having me Eva and hope to go all crazy on fashion at Iam Eva soon again!

Get your personal shopping fix at IamEva with I on Image.

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I on Image meets Karigar

Last week I had the pleasure to meet face-to-face with Kanak Hirani, co-founder of Karigar.  I saw Kanak for the first time last summer when she gave a powerful speech at Spark 2016 in the Global Female Entrepreneurship Panel. We met at the brand’s showroom in the heart of Amsterdam and I was delighted to learn more about the amazing journey of their products empowering artisan communities that produce their amazing weaved products meeting the urban aesthetics and style. On this cold winter day, that started with half of Amsterdam being without power, we spoke about style, wellness and female empowerment under lovely and warm Karigar merino wool capes.

I on Image: The journey of companies from past to present always fascinates me. Tell me about Karigar’s journey to what the brand is representing today.

Kanak: We built Karigar really from scratch. My experience is in journalism and sales and my business partner Sindhu Holla has a strong background in finance and sales. I am the people person and Sindhu is good with numbers. In 2013 we launched the brand Pashm. We very soon noticed that to be able to run a profitable brand the traditional Indian designs and vivid colours needed to be adjusted to the European market and taste. That is when we brought in the element of design and hired our 3rd business partner, designer Jolijn Fiddelaers. And so in 2014, Karigar as we know it today, was born.

I on Image: You told me that the word karigar means artisan in Hindi. What is your brands relationship with Indian artisans?

Kanak: India has a very rich textile heritage and Sindhu and I are both of Indian origin. Our brand is shape-shifting this heritage by translating traditional skills and techniques into contemporary handmade products. We work with many artisan groups across rural India and help empowering them through their work and ability to keep their craft traditions alive.

I on Image: We briefly spoke about the non-excistence of copyright laws in India. What other challenges does India provide?

Kanak: Finding the right artisan groups is the key. It takes 14 people to create one Karigar product. We have been to India ourselves to train the artisans to use the right techniques and colours, and educated them on our brand vision and our high quality standards. We are proud of our artisans and each our product comes with a Talking Tag that tells their story.

I on Image: This cape is just amazing, I don’t ever want to take it off, especially not on this cold day. What other products you have?

Kanak: Our first product was our wool-silk stole that was launched on Dutch Design Week with our company in 2014. Next year we set up a really successful crowd-funding campaign to fund our popular merino wool cape that you are now wearing. Our latest addition to the collection is our merino wool unisex scarf. All our products are yarn-died and the maximum batch size is 25 items per loom. Our items sustainability comes from their long-lasting, high quality and multi-functional qualities.

I on Image: I saw! The cape can be worn 17 different ways. I very much like the idea of a multi-functional product and can see it answering many of my client’s style dilemmas: an extra layer on chilly days, limited luggage kilos during business travel, wish to conceal tummy/hip area in a stylish way, keeping pregnant belly warm, breastfeeding discreetly… As an image consultant and a personal stylist I am answering these questions on a regular basis but also helping my clients to get the most out of their wardrobe and budget. Multi-functionality also responses to the wish to live with less items that bring them the most joy.

On this video Karigar designer Jolijn showshow to wear your Karigar cape:

I on Image: What is your vision on Karigar’s future?

Kanak: Our focus will remain on fashion. We want to bring one innovative product per season and keep on making beautiful wearable items for our customers to enjoy for years to come.

I on Image: Thank you very much for having me Kanak!

I have selected my favorites from the collection for you. To order

Stay warm and stylish everyone!

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All I want for Christmas… Makeup Edition

In the end of November I had the pleasure to visit Mineralissima showroom and factory in Hoofddorp. I was welcomed by the founder of the company Finnish Kati van Riet who showed me around and told me her story as a beauty entrepreneur. She fell in love with mineral makeup in the US after noticing how well it suited her extremely sensitive skin. Returning from US she realized there was nothing similar available in The Netherlands and so she decided to start her own mineral makeup line Mineralissima in 2008. The business was first operating in her living room and eventually grew to cover wholesale along her popular web shop. She also has a few employees who make the products and ship the orders. The products are sold all over the Europe and her Facebook page Friends of Mineralissima has almost 7000 likes. Today all Mineralissima products are vegan and all ingredients are sourced from certified EU sources. All ingredients are also certified for not being tested on animals.

Kati showed me proudly her newly launched pressed mineral makeup products: foundations, blushes and eye shadows. I was very excited to get to try the next addition to her mineral makeup family: 2 shades of eye liner pencils, 4 shades of lip liners  and 3 shades of brow pencils. The pencils will be launched before Christmas and being tiny they of course make fantastic stocking fillers.

These were the products I tested. Clockwise from left: Pressed mineral blush in Beautifully Bare, pressed mineral foundation in Nellie, pressed mineral eye shadow in Vanilla Latte, mineral eye liner (coming soon!) and mineral lip liner (coming soon!)


1.Pressed mineral blush in Beautifully Bare
This blusher has an amazing amount of pigment so don’t be fooled by this paler than pale looking shade. I first mixed it up with one of the foundations. I love a pale a blusher as I tend to apply it always too generously and end up looking like an extra from Moulin Rouge the movie. This one gave my cheeks my desired fresh looking flush without being too obvious. A big plus for it not having any glitter in it as I can’t stand any glitz in my daytime blusher. All in all a beautiful everyday basic for pale blondes. Brunettes will look amazing in the darker shades.
To order: utifully-bare.html

2. Pressed mineral foundation in Nellie
Finding a foundation that stays put all day long is a real challenge for me and I am a little obsessed about this topic. I loved Mineralissima loose mineral foundation (shade 2.0 for the winter and shade 2.75 for the summer) but the pressed version is thicker and stays on for longer. Go easy on the first layer to avoid looking cakey. You can then add another layer or two on areas that need more coverage. I also applied it gently under my eyes to cover the obvious signs of fatique. After the test I decided that maybe shade Nellie is a bit too dark for my pale December face so I onboarded a lighter shade Amelie. In the spring I will start mixing the two of them together until I have a bit of colour again. I always advice buying two shades of your favorite foundation and mix your own customized shade with the brush.
To order:

3. Pressed mineral eye shadow in Vanilla Latte
This eye shadow has a beautiful rich texture and an elegant subtle sheen to it. A shade like this is a great everyday basic that combines well with the darker shades of the series. It has an incredible amount of pigment and competes in the same series with way more expensive products. A must-have in every beauty bag for all eye colours.
To order:

4. Mineral eye liner in black
This is a wonderfully soft and creamy eye liner pencil that glides on easily for a defined gaze. It stayed neat for the whole day when used together with pressed mineral eye shadow mentioned above and pressed mineral foundation mentioned above as a base. I like multipurpose items and was delighted to hear that this pencil can also be used on the inner rims of your eyes for a sexy holiday party look. If you really want to make your eyes pop then also rim the upper inner rims of your eyes. It’s tricky but worth the effort. Makeup artists swear by this trick and no professional smoky eye is made without this addition. Get practicing your steady hand now.
Coming soon!

5. Mineral lip liner
This lip liner pencil has the same beautiful soft and creamy texture as the eye liner pencil above. I had forgotten this 90’s beauty essential for years and only started wearing a lip liner again after this summer inspired by Victoria Beckham who apparently swears by it. I bought recently many that were either too dry or too hard. I want my lip liner to be so soft that you could also colour the rest of your lips with it for amazing staying power. This definitely gets my vote and I am looking forward to get to wear the rest of the shades as well.
Coming soon!


At the moment Kati is dreaming about a scrumptious mineral lipstick collection. She has been browsing for a lipstick press to be able to add this beauty essential in her collection that will be launched in 2017. I can’t wait to get to try them on! I am also looking forward to see the brand new Mineralissima showroom opening in 2017. In the meantime you can get to the festive spirit at Mineralissima’s online Shopping Night on Friday 9th December 19:00-21:00 when you get 15% off all the products. They also do gift vouchers that are always a hit among makeup lovers. Tip your secret Santa off by sharing this article or leaving it casually in plain sight.

Life just suddenly got more beautiful!

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In her shoes -I on Image meets Anna van Mills

I had the pleasure to talk with shoe designer and entrepreneur Anna van Winkelmolen of Anna van Mills just before Christmas. We met at the atmospheric Hoxton on Keizergracht and spoke about her brand and her vision.

Anna’s website is every shoe lovers dream come true: you can design your own dream shoes! And not just any shoes: high quality custom made leather shoes, manufactured in Italy, delivered on your doorstep. They are sophisticated, feminine and elegant.

Block heel pumps in Aurora -Salmon Pink

Block heel pumps in Aurora -Salmon Pink

There is a whopping 45 000 different combinations you can choose from:

  • 3 models: ankle boot, shootie and classic pump
  • 2 heel types: 70’s inspired stable block and classic stiletto
  • 2 heel heights: office appropriate 7cm and sexy, yet manageable 9cm
  • 2 noses: edgy pointy and sophisticated round
  • 3 leather types: nappa, suede and calf –all available in various gorgeous colours
  • 4 heel fabric options (my personal favorite is the heel dressed in the same leather as the shoe itself)
  • silver or gold buckles and logo
  • an option to choose an ankle strap or no strap

You get palpitations of excitement from much less!

Anna brought a few sample shoes and her leather samples in all gorgeous colours. I loved to see how the shades worked differently in different textures: so deep and rich in suede, so sleek in nappa. I was amazed how realistic the shoes look on her website. She told me that a huge amount of effort went into making the site as user friendly and high quality as possible and that really shows. The website with complete 3D models of the shoes is just amazing.

Disclaimer: once you start designing you will not be able to stop!

Ankle boot with strap in navy

Ankle boot with strap in navy

Anna showed me proudly the beautiful details on her shoes. I am all for the details and love the injected antislip pad that is placed cleverly under the ball of your foot for extra comfort. I was excited to hear that you can even choose the metallic shade of the logo inside of the shoe, I am nerdy for details like that. You can order your favorite Anna Van Mills heels also in half sizes upon request and try the shoes on before ordering them at an upcoming shop in the Pijp, Amsterdam. The standard size range is 36-41 but sizes 35, 42 and 43 are available upon request, which is fabulous shoe-news for my statuesque clients who haven’t been able to find an elegant shoe in their size.

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 21.07.19

Peeptoe shootie in Uadi -Greyish Green

February is a month of love and the last minute Romeos will be delighted to know that you can also order Anna van Mills gift vouchers for your sweet Valentine. Here at I on Image we echo the old saying:

Shoe love is true love

I on Image founder and image consultant with an eye for detail & shameless shoe addict




I on Image wears La Dress

When two gorgeous people point me to four gorgeous dresses, and they are all from the very same brand, it is time for a curious mind like me to investigate a little bit further…
I had the pleasure to visit La Dress showroom in Amsterdam last week. They have created a beautiful space full of glamorous Christmas spirit (It was hard for me to stay away from the macarons and Ferrero Rochers!) -and rails and rails of stunning, 100% wearable, I on Image-proof dresses. I was welcomed by lovely La Dress representative, Jint van Andel, who told me about the philosophy of the brand, materials, cuts, colours and much more.


To my delight all La Dress dresses are made in the EU, namely The Netherlands, Romania and Poland, using only the highest quality Italian fabrics. I like very much the aspect that you can wash your own dress and just hang it up and, voilĂ , you are ready to go. The jersey dresses don’t even require ironing so they are ideal for my globe trotting business clients who want to travel in style without ever having to sacrifice the comfort. Simone van Trojen, the creative mind behind the brand, wears every sample herself to ensure the quality, comfort and that luxurious feel that is the brand’s signature element.


It was difficult to choose my favorites, because there were simply too many, but I managed to narrow it down to top 5.

ROSA – This wrap-top number is made of comfortable jersey lycra fabric that flatters your figure. It has long sleeves and an understated sexy under-the-knee length. It comes in 4 stylish colours: anthracite, black, navy and cobalt.

CAROLINE -It is hardly a surprise that this beauty is a best seller. 3/4 sleeves are an elegant way to show off a bit of skin. It is made of washable and wearable light jersey. The dress has a flattering boat neck and a demure just-above-the-knee length. It comes in 11 different colours. There is a shorter version available, Carla, that comes is whopping 18 different colours!
ANDIE -This curve hugging 3/4 sleeve dress is made of luxurious heavy jersey. It has a sexy zipper that goes down all the way in the back. Speaking of memorable exits! It comes in two forever classic colours: navy and grey.


ALVA -This ultra-flattering dress is made of elegantly falling crĂŞpe fabric. It is cinched in at the waist and flares at the hips. I love the gathered fabric around the bust and the demure under-the-knee-length. It comes in 3 stylish statement colours: red, black and blue purple.

PENELOPE – This gorgeous wrap dress is made of beautiful jersey lycra. It has an extended panel of material for ultimate comfort and cover . It has my favorite 3/4 sleeves and a collar that looks fabulous when popped up instead of worn down as in the picture. It comes in 5 wearable colours: black, ink (a great option for navy)

I am looking forward to bringing my dress-loving personal shopping clients to the ultimate La Dress experience at their atmospheric showroom in Amsterdam. Book this special La Dress personal shopping session now, for yourself or with a group of friends, by emailing or book an appointment by leaving your details here.


Wishing you a stylish rest of the week!

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Mobile Beautician making my mornings faster

I am an image consultant and a big boss lady at my own image consulting company I on Image. I coach people to represent their brightest side every single day so they can reach stellar career success. I teach them to communicate the right way, I help them to select a killer working wardrobe and advise them to carry it with grace, not to mention the numerous tips I give to people on how to enhance their professional image in general.

I am also a mother of two under school age children. Everyone who has been in the same position knows that the time you have for yourself in the morning is only a few minutes, if less. But I still want to look polished and ready to take over the world rather than being a hurried mess covered in toothpaste stains. Being a hot mess is cute and fun on TV but being one never gives a good first impression in the business world. If you don’t play the part, there is always someone who will.

Good grooming is one of the biggest time saving tricks one can ever invest in. When my second child was born I realized that for me finding the time to go to a salon would be a struggle so I was delighted to find Mobile Beautician Giedre Pankaite who comes to your home or to your office. After my first appointment with her I was posting photos of my gorgeous nails on Facebook and wondered where had she been all my life. Since then I have booked her regularly, and whenever I notice spending too much time worrying about my looks, I know it’s time for her to come over and swipe those worries away. Her signature look is always natural and healthy, in other words: perfect for a busy professional!

Pedicure by Mobile Beautician in process at my home. I am actually going through my emails as this is happening!

Pedicure by Mobile Beautician in process at my home. I am actually going through my emails as this is happening!

Nails are the one thing about you everyone will instantly notice so chewing them or showing up with a chipped polish is a big no-no. Normal nail polish can never keep up with my energetic family life so I have started to pay a little extra for a Shellac manicure. Giedre does absolutely the best Shellac in town! Mine has always stayed on for the promised two weeks, which 14 days of impeccable nails. Last time I asked her if nails always need to be polished and to my surprise she said no. “Bare nails are always in style, they just need to be shaped nicely or kept short, and buffed regularly.” She gave me an orange wood cuticle stick and advised to gently push the cuticles back on a regular basis. A good hand cream is also a must. Giedre uses cold creams from ALIVE Cosmetics. I love the romantic scent of the Three Roses one. No wonder manicures in general are her most asked service along massages!

My beautiful nude Shellac manicure by Mobile Beautician

My beautiful nude Shellac manicure by Mobile Beautician goes with every outfit and is suitable for most work related situations.

Despite the sandal season being officially over I also like to invest in an occasional pedicure because it always makes me feel great about myself. For people attending conferences, trade shows or otherwise always being on their feet, having a pedicure is a great way to say thank you to the feet that took you so far.

Shades of berry and wine are huge this season and experimenting with a bold colour on your toe nails is less intimidating than having it on the nails of your hands.

Shades of berry and wine are huge this season and experimenting with a bold colour on your toe nails is less intimidating than having it on the nails of your hands.

My brows and lashes are naturally very fair so I like to dye them. Giedre has a great talent for shaping my brows to a smart yet super natural arch and using just the right shade of greyish brown so that nobody actually knows I have had them done. Well, there goes my secret, but I find that shaped brows make you look instantly more refined and put together. I would never leave a house without a little bit of makeup and this grooming step saves me a nice amount of time in the morning.

My perfectly shaped brows by Mobile Beautician.

My perfectly shaped brows by Mobile Beautician.

When I was 14 my friend’s mum arranged a beauty evening for our lively girl gang at her friend’s beauty salon. The idea was great but many of her make up tips were too grown up and high maintenance for a school girl who loved grunge and literature. However, I was reminded about one of her best tips by Giedre when she mentioned face massages. According to Giedre face massages have a great impact on the blood circulation of the face and they can postpone, or even replace, the need for a cosmetic procedure. Now that is a promise I am very intrigued by!

Beauty bookings:

Have a great weekend!

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I on Image meets ALIVE Cosmetics

I know my special power is making lasting first impressions and armoring my clients with a smashing working wardrobe is a huge part of that skill. Lately I have been getting queries about beauty products so I thought I should make space for some beauty tips on my website. I am starting with care products because they are the foundation of your looks.

Words RAW and FRESH are huge in the food world right now and the trend has made me question a lot of my eating habits: How processing kills a lot of the good nutrients and how we can benefit from enjoying raw and fresh ingredients. If I want it from my food, why not live the same mantra with my cosmetics?

I had the pleasure to talk with Daiva Luksyte about her business and her fabulous raw cosmetics at ALIVE Cosmetics on a hot August day. Daiva has created a beautiful rustic atmosphere in her studio that is located just a few blocks away from Weesperplein in Amsterdam. Along her shop and webshop, her studio has treatment rooms for facials and massages. To my delight, Daiva told me that you can also book my long-time favorite beautician, Mobile Beautician Giedre Pankaite to treat you at ALIVE Cosmetics studio!


ALIVE Cosmetics is a platform for manufacturers of natural handmade cosmetics that are made from unrefined raw botanical materials. All products are handmade from the best bioactive ingredients in small exclusive batches. They contain no chemicals and therefore they can be used to address various skin problems, like acne or eczema. Just like all raw products, these too come with a shorter shelf life. So it’s good to buy something you really need and love so much that you want to use it every day! I was very lucky that I could test some fabulous ALIVE Cosmetics products. They were refreshingly different and lovely to use. I literally felt the almost magical artisanal expertise sink into my skin and felt through and through rejuvenated! These are my best picks for you.



Clockwise from top: 8. Elixir JASMINE, 2. Face wash JUNDA, 7. Raw mascara and 6. Exfoliator SAULÄ–


  1. Face cleanser BRĖKŠTA – I love the luxurious creamy, yet light, texture of this product. Unfortunately it was too rich for my combination skin but I could imagine it’s fabulous for dry skin types or for me during the winter when my skincare needs to work overtime. Big plus for doubling as eye makeup remover.
  2. Face wash JUNDA – This is an amazing product! My combination skin has never felt this deeply clean with a gentle home product. All makeup was gone and my skin felt soft and nourished. It went straight on my shopping list!
  3. Chamomile water for sensitive skin – I am known for praising face mists, I know, I am frivolous like that. I just love the refreshing mist landing on my tired face when I steal myself a little break on a busy day. This is an ideal product to keep it in your handbag and apply whenever you need a little refreshment. The chamomile scent is lovely and mild. Now I am curious to try the other flower waters too. Some people swear by spraying their pillow with lavendel water for sweetest dreams.
  4. Firming face cream for dry skin ŽEMYNA – Brilliant product! I could actually see my fatiqued face come back to life after I massaged this in. The scent is very different from classic firming face creams but I found it very pleasant. Daiva said she is crazy about the scent too. My pushing 40, sleep deprived, combination skin looked radiant and healthy after just one use.
  5. Hydrating body cream INDRAJA – This body cream has a very luxurious feel to it. It has a lovely light texture that feels super nourishing. It’s non-sticky and has a mild natural scent. You can just jump in your favorite dress right after applying without fearing the stains.
  6. Exfoliator SAULÄ– – This does a brilliant job scrubbing away the dead skin cells that make me look dull and tired. My face felt baby soft after just one use and the massage improved the appearance of my skin tone immediately. Great combo with Firming face cream for dry skin Ĺ˝EMYNA. This went on my shopping list right away!
  7. Raw mascara –This product promises “No Clumping, No Flaking, No Smudging” and to a hardcore mascara fan like me it’s an intriguing promise! It has a nice deep black shade and a decent medium size brush. Applying it requires a bit steady hand and I end up making a little mess in a hurry. But just as promised, it does not clump and glides nicely on the lashes. I need 2-3 layers to get a desired look but once it’s on, it stays neat the whole day without flaking or smudging. This finds a place in my makeup bag!
  8. Elixir JASMINE – Using this is pure luxury. I massage a few drops on my face in the evening for sweet and beautiful dreams. I love the scent of jasmines and even more the idea of using something that makes you feel like a queen.

To order, please visit

Enjoy your new beautiful week!

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