Finnish School Christmas Market

I am so excited to announce my program for Finnish School Christmas Market!     At the market I am offering a dynamic series of 15 minute long "DRESS FOR YOUR BODYSHAPE" -mini consultations. During this speedy image consulting session you learn the basics of: What is your body shape? What are your best assets? … Continue reading Finnish School Christmas Market

Back to Work -SPARK2015 Mini-Makeover

I on Image was a proud sponsor of SPARK2015 and slipped a fun freebie in the inaugural event goody bags. Jam Workspace in the heart of Amsterdam tells about the unforgettable day on their page like this: "Jam Workspace, Amsterdam Academy and Amsterdam Mamas teamed up to bring you the first ever SPARK in June 2015. Our three organisations … Continue reading Back to Work -SPARK2015 Mini-Makeover

Welcome to my website: Hello world

Easter holiday is over and summer holidays are not even remotely in sight so let's talk about business, namely your image in business. I am proud (and hyperventilating out of nervousness as I type) to launch and introduce my new image consulting business I on Image. My company offers image consulting for professionals looking to … Continue reading Welcome to my website: Hello world