Finnish Women’s Day 2016 in Zutphen

A few of weeks ago I traveled to Zutphen for the 28th edition of Finnish Women's Day. It's an annual event full of fun and friendship that gathered together 94 Finnish women living in the Netherlands.   Meeting Minttu and Sampo Kaulanen This was my second year in the organizing committee and a truly wonderful … Continue reading Finnish Women’s Day 2016 in Zutphen

Back to Work -SPARK2015 Mini-Makeover

I on Image was a proud sponsor of SPARK2015 and slipped a fun freebie in the inaugural event goody bags. Jam Workspace in the heart of Amsterdam tells about the unforgettable day on their page like this: "Jam Workspace, Amsterdam Academy and Amsterdam Mamas teamed up to bring you the first ever SPARK in June 2015. Our three organisations … Continue reading Back to Work -SPARK2015 Mini-Makeover