How to get perfect lips

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Lipstick is by far the most iconic beauty product in my beauty case. Only perfumes can win lipsticks on the nostagia front. I still remember my first Christian Dior lipstick that my mom bought me when I was 14. It was a playful peachy coral with a subtle sheen to it. It came in a luxurious navy, cobalt and gold packaging that for me defined The Look of the 90’s.

Following that universally flattering shade came the dark grungy statement shades of plum and Bordeaux, that evolved into glittery Lancome’s Juicy Tube marks on a 20 something’s glass of plonk, followed by balmy Clinique’s Chubby Sticks hastily applied without a mirror by a busy career girl in a full morning metro 51.

The girl became a mum who got hooked on Carmex, she turned 40 and, inspired by Victoria Beckham, eventually found her long lost love to wearing lip liner and decided to make her lips a statement accessory once again, but this time in a more sophisticated understated way.

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All I want for Christmas… Makeup Edition

In the end of November I had the pleasure to visit Mineralissima showroom and factory in Hoofddorp. I was welcomed by the founder of the company Finnish Kati van Riet who showed me around and told me her story as a beauty entrepreneur.

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Story of Mineralissima

She fell in love with mineral makeup in the US after noticing how well it suited her extremely sensitive skin. Returning from US she realized there was nothing similar available in The Netherlands and so she decided to start her own mineral makeup line Mineralissima in 2008. The business was first operating in her living room and eventually grew to cover wholesale along her popular web shop. Continue reading

GUEST POST: Why should I use oil on my skin?

I on Image is delighted to welcome back our lovely guest beauty blogger Vivienne McAlister-Geertz, owner and Chief Skin Lover at Simply Skin who tells us about the benefits of using oil on your skin.

I get asked all the time by customers why they should use oil on their skin. Many customers are afraid that oil may cause blocked pores which could lead to pimples and acne while others believe oils should be avoided, like some fats in our diet, as they are bad for us. I want to highlight the importance of using oils on your skin by listing a few of their benefits.

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3 Benefits of using oil on your skin

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GUEST POST: Healthy Winter Skin

I on Image welcomes our first ever guest beauty blogger Vivienne McAlister-Geertz, owner and Chief Skin Lover at Simply Skin

When winter arrives we all want to keep the chill outside and the warmth inside. But that means we crank up our heat and this inevitably leads to dry skin. Whether you heat your home with oil, gas or electricity, the effect is the same. So how do you reduce the effects of winter and central heating on your skin? Read our guide below so you can enjoy healthy, happy skin throughout the cold winter days.

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How does the cold winter weather affect your skin?

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