Summer Fashion Inspiration 2019

  In this blog post I am sharing my summer fashion inspiration from my Instagram page with you. Get wearable style ideas and look your best every day. This is the last blog post of the season and I will be posting again when everyone is back from their holiday adventures. Enjoy your summer in … Continue reading Summer Fashion Inspiration 2019

Fashion Shopping in Amsterdam

  Experience fashion shopping in Amsterdam. Shop the latest fashion, shoes, bags and accessories with personal shopper Jenni Ryynänen of I on Image. She knows all the hot spots and hidden gems in town -and she isn't afraid to share with you!   This is not a sponsored post. I am recommending these shops based … Continue reading Fashion Shopping in Amsterdam

Summer Fashion Bingo

  Summer Fashion Bingo Play I on Image's Summer Fashion Bingo and decide what NOT to wear this, or any other, summer. Summer fashion has never been my favorite seasonal shopping. I live in The Netherlands where the climate is fairly chilly and wet most of the year, and let's not even start about my … Continue reading Summer Fashion Bingo

Discover Your Body Shape

I on Image's take on female bodies I just want you to be you. Here at I on Image we are having none of the negativity surrounding female bodies. Yes, if you ask me how to camouflage of how to contour certain body areas, I will gladly help you to do so. After all, knowing … Continue reading Discover Your Body Shape

Dress Your Shape: HOURGLASS

I on Image's body shape guide 4/4 Dress your shape: hourglass Do you have one or more of the following body features? Balanced bust vs. hips Clearly defined waistline Feminine silhouette Great legs -> YES THAT'S ME, keep on reading further for style advice   READ ALSO Discover your body shape by I on Image … Continue reading Dress Your Shape: HOURGLASS